Used RV - Fleetwood Victory Folding Popup Camper
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Folding Camper Trailer (Pop-up) Fleetwood Victory:




21' 4" (Open), 2 Beds, Dinette, Sleeps 5. Features Air Conditioner and Heat Strips!


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Box Size (Inside Length)  10'
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), (lbs.)  3,000
Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW), (lbs.)  2,160
Unloaded Tongue Weight (UTW), (lbs.)  160
Maximum Carrying Capacity (MCC), (lbs.)  840
Storage Trunk Capacity (cu.ft.) (*19 with opt. water heater)  19
Cabinet Storage (cu. ft.)  26
Total Storage Capacity (cu. ft.)  45
Tire Size  ST175/80D13 
Dimensions (Open - Length x Width)  24’11”x9’10”
Dimensions (Closed - Length x Width)  17’2”x7’5”
Height (Closed)  4’6” 
Height (Open)  8’3” 
Interior Height  80” 
Bed Sizes

77”x70” Front

77”x48” Rear

Convertible Dinette/Bed Size  67”x39”
Water Storage Capacity (*Includes std. 6 gal. water heater)  20
Water Storage Capacity (with opt. 6 gal. water heater)  Water Heater with Elecrric Pump. 26
Gray Water Storage Capacity (gal.)  N/A 
Water Tank Location (not water heater location)  Under Floor 
Converter/Charger Amperage  25
















  • Item #: USED-Victory Popup
  • Manufacturer: Fleetwood

Used RV - Fleetwood Victory Folding Popup Camper

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